Hey guys! I’m a high school student who draws, animates, games, makes music and does wayyyyyyyyyyy more.

I draw using a HUION H610. It’s around $50, which is pretty cheap compared to a Wacom tablet. I like drawing on it, but I recommend either picking up a Smudge Guard Glove or making your own drawing glove by cutting the fingers and thumb off of a regular glove. It helps a lot.

My videos are edited with HitFilm Express.

I used to do my 3D animation in Source Filmmaker, but have since moved on to Blender (or am trying to, anyway) to expand my toolset.

I have a YouTube channel for animations.

And another for gaming content.

I also have a Twitter page.

The Legal Stuff

It’s probably fine to Retweet/publish a comic or two, as long as it is properly referenced. The below is an example:

The Contact Stuff

Probably the fastest way to reach me is over Twitter, or my Discord server.

For business inquiries, use my contact page.