No Comic Today

Hey everyone,
due to school and laziness, I was unable to create a comic today. Fortunately, vacation is near, so I should be able to update every Monday once again!

Also, check out my YouTube channels here.

Gaming (TAS, Let’s Plays, Reviews, Quick Looks and more!) (Some are coming soon)


I’m back!

Hey everyone,

Just letting you know I’m fine now and will be posting comics on a regular schedule. One should come out every Monday!


Breaking Silence

Hi all,

Sorry I wasn’t able to post a comic this week. Due to reasons that I may explain at a later time I was unable to draw a comic for this week.

The schedule should be back to normal on Monday. Thanks to everyone who follows this blog, and I will strive to post a new comic every Monday.



Hey guys! I’m a high school student who got into drawing just a month ago, and I’m excited to share my first comic with you. This will update approximately whenever I feel like it (probably once a week). Thanks for reading, please share!